The Lasang Secret Adventure Park

It took us almost an hour from Cagayan de Oro to reach the Province of initao where the hidden forest is located. It is a seascape protected area. This is a perfect for adventure destination and sightseeing. I used to visit here for spending quality time with myself. I consider this as my stress reliever and provides me time to think deeply. Especially when you are sitting on the cliff

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We Paddled and We Survived – Great Water Rafting 2015

It was an unexpected outing with my previous co-employees at Mambuaya and experienced Water Rafting. This was actually my plan ever since to try rafting 2 years ago but unfortunately I don’t have any company to go with me. So no luck. Last August 18, 2015, I bought my brand new DSLR camera and is just so happen that a good friend mine Kc invited me to join water rafting.

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Victor Naive

“IT Instructor and Web Developer by profession who loves Japanese and Korean food, waterfalls, hiking, mountaineering, beacheneering, sailing and biking!”