15 Awesome Things To Do in Davao Oriental, Province

If you are planning to have an extraordinary getaway this summer, don’t miss the booming travel goals in Davao Oriental. As I visited some of them, they are also for you to try.

1. Botona Dahican Beach Resort – A simple and peaceful resort along Dahican beach. Even when you’re on a budget, enjoy the serenity and beauty of the white sand shoreline.

2. Surfing – Unknown to many, most beaches in Mati are suitable for surfing. Enjoy the waves, whether you are a beginner or not.

3. Skim Boarding – Or if you are afraid to surf, why not try skim boarding? Enjoy the water!

4. Flying Saga – Do you want something extreme? Be a pilot with Mati’s newest attraction. Try the Flying Saga and get a bird’s eye view of the city of Mati.

5. Island Hopping (Pujada Island and Vanishing Island)
Get another relaxing experience with the beauty of the marine life and aquatic resources. Be amazed by the blue crystal clear water as you take a dip.

6. Visit Gregorio Beach Resort – Take a look at the unique design of long row of nipa and bamboo cottages settled on the bay. Be in love with the stunning panoramic view of the surrounding calm waters and green mountains that enclose the Pujada Bay.

7. Visit Subangan Museum – Do you want to see a fossilized remains of a whale? Or Explore the cultural heritage of Mindanao? Visit Subangan Museum!

8. Visit Mati Provincial Capitol -Do not miss this beautifully designed Capitol in Mati.

9. Governor Generoso – Be eager to see what the fishing capital of Davao Oriental has to offer. It is a perfect place to go to to escape from the noise and fast-paced life of the city.

10. Mati Baywalk – Seek fun and relaxation while on your vacation. Witness the rising or the setting of the sun along the newly developed Mati Baywalk Park.

This photo of Municipal Baywalk Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

11. Eat Special Empanada – The warm crust of the empanada will definitely entice you to eat more, or more so, will get you to bring home a box or two. Inside is a well-seasoned appetizing filling combined with boiled egg–for sure a joy!!

12. Sleeping Dinosaur Viewdeck – Be mesmerized by the magical view of the land formation that looks like a sleeping Dinosaur. Certainly, a place that takes your breath away.

13. Visit Cape San Agustin – (Southern Part of Mindanao “Deadend”)
– Located at the southern most point of Governor Generoso, is a beautiful scape you should never miss.

14. Discover Parola Beach – Because it is a must when you get to visit Davao Oriental.

15. Centennial Tree – And never forget to check the enchanting 300 year old tree that is considered a part of the province’s history.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s a fine time to get off your bum and see why the people adore Davao so much. Get down South and explore the land of Promise.

How to get there:

If by plane, you can reach Davao City from Manila or Cebu in 1 -2 hours hours.

From Ecoland Davao City Terminal, you can reach Governor Generoso in 2-3 hours and Mati in 3-4 hours by bus, owned car or a rented van.

Where to Eat:

Seaside Restaurant

Quezon Street Mati City Davao Oriental
8200 Mati, Davao Oriental
(087) 388 3544

Bador Barbecue

Rizal St.infront Of Caltex Station
Mati, Davao Oriental
Phone (087) 388 4918

Where to Stay:

Botona Dahican Beach Resort

Purok Maribojoc, Dahican
Mati City, Davao Oriental 8200
Contact: SMART: ​(918) 525-5227, TOUCH MOBILE: ​(926) 450-1253

EMAIL: eva@botona.com or dahicanbeach@gmail.com

Website: http://www.botona.com/



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