Camiguin Travel Guide 2016: Budget, Itineraries and How to get there

Camiguin is definitely one the popular destinations in the Philippines that offers natural attractions like pristine islands, coves, volcano, springs, and waterfalls. Both local and foreign tourists often visit the place not just for leisure but doing “Panaad” or a walk of penance for Catholic devotees. It has been a tradition for us Catholic member to take part of the religious event by means of hiking the whole Camiguin Island

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The Stunning Coves, Lagoons and Beaches in El Nido , Palawan

El Nido is one of the popular municipalities in Palawan known to its white-sand beaches, sandbars, towering limestone cliffs, coves, caves, lagoons, diving site and the best island hopping destination in the Philippines. Many foreigners and local tourist are visiting the magical place because of its natural wonders. Recently, Palawan was nominated as the newest world’s 7 wonders of Nature and considered as jewel in Philippine tourism. My once in

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Our Amazing Davao Adventure: D’leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park

D’leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park was our next stop after visiting Lon Wa Buddhist. Another famous and newest adventure parks in Davao Located at Purok 5, Barangay Communal Davao City covering 26-hectare inland resort and considered as the biggest inland resort in town. This is one of the reasons why I decided to visit Davao for the second time around and been wanting to come here since last year

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Our amazing Davao Adventure: Lon Wa Buddhist Temple

We had an amazing trip in Davao that we just spent only two days from the city where the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple is located and Samal Island. Travelling to Davao wasn’t easy for us because we are new to the place, we don’t know where to go first and some locations might take several kilometers to reach. I’ve been to Davao already but that was 4 years ago and

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