7 Majestic Waterfalls To Visit in Southern Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is the first capital of the Philippines also known as the “Queen City of the South,” popular to its largest festival in the country called Sinulog Festival. It is located in Central Visayas. It is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines as the center of commerce, tourism, trade and industry.

The province is popular when it comes to tourism. It has a total of 44 municipalities divided in 6 component cities. Each municipality has their own attractions, blessed with beautiful islands, islets, beaches, mountains, inland lakes, springs and waterfalls.

Chasing waterfalls activity is one of the ideal things to do when you get to Cebu especially in the southernmost part of the province. There are about 110 waterfalls flowing in the limestone soil that makes the water turn into turquoise blue. Some may not be that accessible, tricky or located in remote areas and some can be trekked in just a minute. But despite the challenging trails, the place never fails to amaze us and gives a worthy adventure to treasure. We just only visited 8 waterfalls which we considered our top favorites.

1. Kawasan Falls – is particularly located in Badian , popular among the waterfalls in Cebu Province. It has 3 levels, the first one is the highest among the three. With its unique cascade and turquoise blue color of the water, Kawasan Falls considered the top visited waterfalls in the Province.


I was amazed by the natural bluish color of the water. No doubt that this waterfall is famous for both local and foreign tourist.

My second time in kawasan Falls with my new travel buddy.. We can’t just resist to go upclose to the waterfalls despite the strong current of the water..

How to get there?

From South Bus Terminal, take a Ceres bus bound for Bato via Barili. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Matuninao Church. You will notice the “830” and the big signage from the highway.

Travel time: 3 hours
Bus Fare: 120.00 pesos

If you are planning for Kawasan Falls Canyoneering, you can go directly at Matutinao Beach Resort and look for Cholo.

You can avail their package that costs 1500.00 pesos per person.


Lifevest, helmet, entrance fee, tour guide fee, habal-habal fee, bottled water, recovery meal like snacks and lunch after canyoneering.

Take note: The price is negotiable.

You can visit their website: http://kawasancanyoneering.com.ph/contact-us/ for more details.

Tour guide’s contact number:

We tried downstream canyoneering that will start at Brgy. Sulsogan, Badian about 5 kms. away from the hub and end up to Kawasan Falls.


The Famous Samboan’s Waterfall Trilogy

My friend’s escapade wouldn’t be complete without a picture of Samboan’s Rotunda Kiosk. “Siempre, Samboan !” Their famous landmark from the city proper..

Samboan is located in Southern Cebu is blessed with beautiful waterfalls. Each waterfall has unique cascade and natural wonders. The three wonderful waterfalls of Samboan make Southern Cebu popular in domestic tourism.

2. Aguinid Falls – This waterfall is similar to Kawasan Falls located in Barangay Tangbo, Samboan.There are about 9 levels to trek with just a walking distance to each other. Each level has its own beauty and uniqueness. It has mini pools and beautiful rock formations.

They only have 6 recommended levels in Aguinid Falls since the level 6-8 are very tricky and you need to add additional fees to your guide. If you complete until 8th level, then that would be cool.

Aguinid Falls has the coolest bedrock. It’s like a giant fist holding a ball or a big spider.

Instagram Photo

3. Binalayan Hidden Falls – With its unique cascade known as the triple drop falls similar to wolverine’s claw. A 5-minute ride from Aguinid Falls with 10 – 15 minutes trek to reach the hidden gem of Barangay Bonbon, Samboan.

The waterfall is different from other falls in Samboan. The water is very clear but not bluish. You can dive up to 60 feet high. I only tried 45 feet that time. Honestly, I hate stomach dropping feeling. If you have a fear of heights, this might not be advisable for you. We really enjoyed our stay here. The waterfall has something in there that worth spending for. You can jump anywhere. You can climb up to the mini caves where you can sit and relax then take photos. 

 Me having a dip and feel the natural wonders of Binalayan Hidden Falls

4. Dau Falls – Considered the farthest and highest among the famous Samboan waterfall trilogy, towering around 100 feet,  located in the remote part of Barangay Suba that takes 30-45 minutes trek from the jump off point to reach the falls.

Me and my travel buddy enjoying and appreciating the natural beauty of Dau Falls. It’s totally amazing! One thing I could describe to the falls is just “WOW!” The falls is quite slippery. Just be careful when you go closer to the lip of the falls to avoid hitting by the unexpected falling rocks.

How to get there?

Take a bus from South Bus Terminal going to Samboan proper. The bus fare costs around 170.00 pesos. The travel time is almost 4 hours.

Where to stay?

D’ Seaside Travel Lodge
Aguinid Falls – Tangbo, Samboan

Services Offered:

ROOMS for Rent with free wifi
Fully Air Conditioned Rooms
Good for 7 persons: 2,500.00 Pesos
Good for 5 Persons: 2000.00 Pesos
Non-Aircon (Budget Rooms)
Good for 3 Persons: 800.00 Pesos
Snorkel Gear for Rent

Contact Persons:

Emily Ferrolino – 09055176445
Vjill Ferrolino – 09773507504

Fees and Rates

Aguinid Falls

Entrance Fee

20.00 pesos– for Filipinos
40.00 pesos – for foreigners

Binalayan Hidden Falls

Entrance fee – 20.00 pesos per person

Dau Falls

Entrance Fee – 20.00 pesos per person

Tour Guides (Negotiable):

Carlito and Roland – 09326473048 for Binalayan Falls, Dau Falls and Ponong Lake

For Aguinid Falls,  Hire a tour guide at the registration area  – 100.00 pesos per person –

Additional tip for guide if you want to visit the 6th, 7th and 8th level of the falls

Dry bags and Trekking Shoes for rent are available within the area.

Other falls next to Samboan…

5. Inambakan Falls – Another must visit waterfalls in southern Cebu particularly located in the town of Ginatilan. It is 6 kilometers away from Samboan. It is one of the coolest waterfalls in town, having a wide cool deep basin and hundred feet high waterfall.

How to get there:

If you are already in Samboan proper, take a tricycle going to Ginatilan. It is 10-15 minutes ride. You will notice the signage of Inambakan Falls beside Julies Bakeshop or in front of the public school.

Take Habal-habal going to Barangay Calabawan that costs 100 pesos roundtrip. The driver can also be your tour guide.

Entrance Fee – 20.00 pesos per person and 5-10 mins trek to reach the waterfalls.

6. Montpeller Falls – This one is located in the mountainous area of Alegria. From the town proper, it takes 10-15 minutes habal-habal ride to reach the jump off point and about 4 KM trek down to reach the hidden paradise of Barangay Montpeller in Alegria. The only falls in southern cebu with no entrance fee.

How to get there?

An hour travel from Samboan going to Alegria.

Bus fare: 30.00 pesos

Hire a habal-habal driver to take you at the jump off point in Brgy. Montpeller that cost 200.00 pesos roundtrip. The driver can also be your tour guide as well.

7. Mantayupan Falls – The pride of Barili considered one of the highest waterfalls in town having 2 levels, one is 14 meters high and the other one is towering 98 meters. It is located in Barangay Campangga. The waterfall has been beneficial to the residence of Barili over a decade now as they implemented a small hydro-electric power for their electric supply.

This is our last stop  to complete our chasing waterfalls goal in Southern Cebu. We never stayed that long here due to the bad weather.

How to get there?

The town of Barili is almost 2 hours from Cebu City. Take a Ceres bus from South Bus Terminal that costs 70 pesos. All buses will stop at Shamrock stop over. From there, take a habal-habal ride that costs 50 pesos that would take you directly to Mantayupan Falls.

Entrance fee: 20.00 pesos

Where to stay?

A.C Tilapia Fun Fishing Resort – A walking distance to Mantayupan Falls
For reservation and Inquiries please contact:
Mr. Augusto “Tito” Causin

Aircon room for 10 Hours – 450.00 (Good for 2 persons)
Additional hours: 75.00 pesos / hour

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Augusto-Causin-AC-Tilapia-FUN-Fishing-261112510667117/

“Our adventure in Southern Cebu filled with beautiful memories. We can’t imagine that we are able to explore every tourist attractions despite the bad weather that time. There are so many beautiful tourist attractions to discover in Cebu and I’m sure you will never run out of things to do once you get there. We are so lucky because we don’t have photo-bombers to every waterfall we have visited. It’s like we own the place. It’s just me, my travel buddy and the guide…Hope you enjoyed reading my Chasing Waterfalls blog entry… See you at the NORTH soon…”



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