Baler to Remember – 10 Best Things To Do in Baler, Aurora

Baler is the provincial capital of Aurora. It is one of the top beach destinations and was identified as one of the top surf spots in the Philippines. Unknown to many, there are other places in Baler that would surely capture the heart of its visitors. Here are the 10 best things to do when you get to visit Baler.

1. Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort

A Baler escapade wouldn’t be perfect without experiencing the delightful sunrise and the refreshing blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort is ideal when it comes to white sand bliss escape.

2. Dipaculao beach

Dipaculao is a coastal town north of the surfing town of Baler, Aurora. It is marked with some white sandy beaches and some rocky beaches as well. It is where you could get to see the breathtaking sunrise with all the rock collections and formations along the shoreline.

3. Mother Falls

The dominating and powerful grandeur of the so-called “Mother Falls” lives up to its local name. But before savouring its beauty, there should be a long, rocky, slimy trek amidst nature. But it is all worth it. Even though the falling water would really hurt, never dare to miss the experience of the clear pool. It might leave you freezing a little bit, but it was mysteriously gratifying.

4. Surfing at Sabang Beach

First time to surf? Try Sabang beach. It is a good place to start practising surfing. With the very friendly waves and shallow waters, even if you don’t know how to swim, you can still surf. You can rent surfboards and hire instructors within the vicinity. It is the most popular destination in the province of Aurora when it comes to surfing activities. Embrace its magnificence and make sure to try those surfing boards on!
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5. Costa Pacifica

Getting the best accommodation in Baler isn’t that hard. Costa Pacifica has something for everyone. Are you an adventurer? A business traveller? Or just a passerby who seeks relaxation in Baler? Costa Pacifica is truly an experience you may want to try.

6. Hanging Bridge of Sabang

A hanging bridge experience in Baler can be exciting! With railings that are too far apart while it sways sideways and moves up and downward while walking through it, this bridge is really not for the faint -hearted. Crossing the bridge will definitely take your breath away.

7. Ermita Hill Park

This place gives a stunning view of the shoreline. Aside from that, you get to see a great view of the ocean itself as well as the mountains and the formations of clouds. This is the highest part in Baler and the safest to go in case of a tsunami. The place has a sought-after history you might be interested knowing when you get to visit the place.

8. Dicasalarin Cove

Never miss the awesome view of the cove with the thrill of being on a steep road while going there. It is a perfect place for peace and solitude.


9. Lighthouse

A visit to this unusual lighthouse will all be worth it, not to mention the spectacular view of the beach down below.

10. Balete Eco Park

A must see attraction in Baler is the Balete tree. Be enchanted by its gigantic roots where you can pass through or even go climb upon from root to root.

If you are travelling on a tight budget but you want to make the most out of your Baler escapade, make sure that everything is well-planned. From setting the dates of the travel up to giving attention to the most detailed part of the itinerary, each should be given a priority. You may want to do advance research and look for promos and packages that would suit your budget and interest.

Since I am from Cagayan de Oro City, I made sure I got the cheapest deals for my airfare. Everything can now be done online, so there is no problem with that. Moreover, the private van going to Baler can also be contacted earlier before the travel. There are agencies offering tour packages which can be found online as well. Just be keen enough to identify which one is a scam though and DO NOT make advanced full payments!

Usually, there will be a tour guide for each set of travellers. In our case, we had Mr Rodel Novicio of Baler as our tour guide. He brought us to the different destinations I mentioned earlier in this article. Travel time would take 5-6 from Manila to Baler. However, if the traffic is so heavy from Manila going north, there is a chance you could get there after 10-12 hours. As to where to eat, there are a lot of restaurants you can choose from. Some of them are Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay, Lily’s Restaurant, Baler Surfer Grill, Paddle Out Grill, and Costa Pacifica. You can stay at Mama Nene’s Transient House or book at Costa Pacifica. Just visit their websites to get their cheapest deals!



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