Camiguin Travel Guide 2016: Budget, Itineraries and How to get there

Camiguin is definitely one the popular destinations in the Philippines that offers natural attractions like pristine islands, coves, volcano, springs, and waterfalls.

Both local and foreign tourists often visit the place not just for leisure but doing “Panaad” or a walk of penance for Catholic devotees. It has been a tradition for us Catholic member to take part of the religious event by means of hiking the whole Camiguin Island or climbing mountains as part of our sacrifice or repenting one’s sins.

It is a perfect destination for spending holy week vacation with your family and friends.

Places to Visit in Camiguin:

Tongatoc Cove

This was our first stop when we arrived in Camiguin Island. This is a popular side trip destination for travelers because you can really appreciate the breathtaking views and the fresh air from the cliff.

Old Guiob Church Ruins

Our quick stop here in Old church after a side trip in Tongatoc Cove. The old church is one of historic churches in the Philippines constructed in 16th century during the Spanish era until devastated by Mt. Vulcan ruined the church’s structure and lost its roof .

Their famous centennial tree is another attraction in the place.

Soda Water Swimming Pool

Another attraction in Camiguin that you should not miss is their famous Soda Water Swimming Pool. They called it “soda” because of its unique taste of the water like alkaline. The resort started their business last 2007. They added some picnic tables and cottages for rent that is perfect for family and friends.

Tuasan Falls

Normally, people visits Katibawasan falls in Camiguin but I will recommend you the Tuasan Falls because aside from being majestic and unique, it has no entrance fee and you will really enjoy the coldness of the falls.

Sto Nino Cold Spring

Photo: mysmartschool

Another favorite attraction in Camiguin especially on hot summer days because of the coldness and refreshing water from the spring. It is located in the Brgy. Bonbonon, Catarman, Camiguin and around 2-3 kilometers from the highway. You will surely love the place and it has affordable entrance fee.

Sunken Cemetery

One of the remains from Mt. Vulcan’s eruption in 1870 is their historic sunken cemetery. Getting to the place was a bit scary because of the tombs and gravestones that can be seen especially during low tide. I remember it was featured in a filipino movie called “Quija”.

One should not miss this place when visiting Camiguin. The place is very solemn and perfect for spending retreats.

Ardent Hot Spring

one of the popular destinations in Camiguin for both tourist and local traveler that offer natural Jacuzzi heated by Mt. Hibok-hibok which is one of the active volcanoes in the country. The temperature may rise up to 40 degree Celsius.

I think there are 6 pools in the spring that has different temperature and depth. This is a good place for releasing some stress and to those who have arthritis. The resort is 24/7 so you can spend overnight swimming and they also have affordable accommodations like cottages and rooms.

White Island


Camiguin got its popularity in domestic tourism because of White Island. It is a simple sandbar where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful views and crystallizing blue water. There is no vegetation in the island and it is composed only of white fine sand.

The huge crowd in white island

Mantigue Island


If you miss White Island, other option might be in Mantigue Island. It is a small island in Camiguin that has rich in vegetation that would surely leave you in awe. The island is 25-30 mins boat ride from Brgy. San Roque in the town of Mahinog. The vegetation in Mantigue Island serves as the shed from the heat of the sun.

The powdery of the sand is definitely stunning and water is so refreshing and cold despite the hotness of the sun.

Walk Way to Old Volcano


Another way to spend “panaad” or penitence in holy week is to engage in climbing their popular walk way to old volcano in Camiguin situated in Brgy. Bonbon, Catarman that consists of 14 station of the cross and life size statue of Jesus Christ. The place is considered as the pilgrimage for Roman Catholic.

To see the magnificent views from the top especially the famous Sunken Cemetery, I think the best time to tour the walkway is in the morning and it is really worth it from a 1 hour and around 8 km hike.

How to get there:

If you’re from Cagayan de Oro, there are affordable fast crafts that offer daily trips at the Pier in Macabalan that would take you immediately to Camiguin like Ocean Jet. Around 550-600 pesos is the fare.


  • Macabalan (CDO) – Benoni – 8:30 am -10:30 am
  • Benoni Port – Macabalan Port – 4:00 pm to 6pm

You may also take a bus ride from Agora Terminal to Balingoan Port to Benoni Port.

Bus ride: 148 pesos

The regular fare for Barge ride from Balingoan Port to Benoni Port is 170.00 pesos, 145.00 pesos for Students and 85.00 pesos for children.

Riding Van is another alternative especially in Holy week season, if you dont like to endure huge crowd falling in line in the bus station. Normally in peak season they charge 200 pesos good for 10 persons

There are vans that offer direct trips to Camiguin in Travel & Tour at Gaisano Mall Parking Lot. You may call this number: 09358994024

For Car Rental (Multicab) please contact following numbers below:

The car rental usually they charge you 1700.00 pesos for 8 hours but still negotiable.

Frank: 0916-898-6493

Teddy : 0905-130-5897



Transportation and Tour Expenses(Roundtrip) Person Total
Agora Bus Terminal to Balingoan Port 150.00 Pesos 1 300.00 Pesos
Ferry to Benoni Port / Terminal Fee + Environmental Fee 170.00 Pesos 1 340.00 Pesos
Boat to White Island 450.00 (If you’re a solobagpacker, you can join the other group and divide the boat ride fees) 1 450.00 Pesos
Boat to Mantigue + Environmental fee 570.00 Pesos 1 570.00 Pesos
Meals for 3 days 1000.00 Pesos 1 1000.00 Pesos
Tuasan Falls Free Free
Sto. Nino Cold Spring 30.00 Pesos 1 30.00 Pesos
Sunken Cemetery Boat 100.00 Pesos 1 100.00 Pesos
Ardent Hot Spring 40.00 Pesos 1 40.00 Pesos
Fare Budget 500.00 Pesos(Entire Trip) 1 500.00 Pesos

Estimated Budget: 2000.00 – 3000.00 Pesos


Time Destination Rates/Fees
1:00 PM Tongatoc Cove Free
1:30 PM Old Gui-Ob Church Ruins Free
2:00 PM Soda Swimming Pool 30.00 pesos/head + 75 pesos for cottage
3:00 PM Tuasan Falls Free
4:00 PM Sto Nino Cold Spring 30.00 pesos / head
5:00 PM Sunken Cemetery Boat ride: 100.00 pesos + tip
6:00 PM Ardent Hot Spring 40.00 pesos / head


Time Destination Rates/Fees
6:30 AM Head to White Island

Environmental Fee: 20.00 pesos

Boat (Rountrip) 450.00 pesos

7:30 PM Travel To Mahinog (Jump-off point to Mantigue Island 30.00 pesos / per head (Van)

or multicab rent – 400-500 pesos

8:00 AM Arrival at Mahinog and Registration Boat: 550.00 pesos for 4 hours max
Snorkel rental: 150.00 pesos (optional)
Fins rental: 150.00 Pesos
Snorkelling Fee: 50.00 Pesos
Swimming with Googles Fee: 20.00 Pesos
Environmental fee: 20.00 Pesos
Table: 50.00 Pesos (Short) 100.00 Pesos (long)
Boat to Marine Sanctuary: 20.00 pesos
8:30 AM Travel to Mantigue Island
1:00 PM Head back to Brgy. San Roque, Mahinog
6:30 PM Walk Way to Old Volcano Free
 8:30  Dinner at Checkpoint Restaurant  –


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