My Extreme and Unforgettable Adventure in Dahilayan Forest and Adventure Park

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I’ve been to Dahilayan two times already so the place is not new to me anymore. The first time I went there was with my father way back June 2012. That was a bit far actually. We travelled almost two hours from Cagayan de Oro to Manolo fortich, Bukidnon and the weather is too hot that time. You will notice if you already near once you reached the big Pineapple in Del Monte at Camp Philips.
The road is not yet paved so expect for a shaky rides but not all roads.
Before we never had a chance to try some of their extreme rides, I only tried Luge package with golf then picture taking at the forest park playground and their mini lagoon.

My second time around:

I was invited by my friend KC and Alvin as they we’re covering Dahilayan for their newest entry in “About Cagayan de Oro” site. Fortunately, I got the chance to meet the owner and they gave us a free rides, free lunch and got the chance also to know more about how Dahilayan started and built. I thought I would be spending too much for the tour though I have a budget already but yet I’m still lucky.

Great lunch at Forest Park cafe with KC (right) and Alvin(left) before heading off to take some free rides.


I really like the view, the ambiance, and the weather in Dahilayan its like visiting Baguio or Tagaytay especially the way the hotels built the look and feel. It’s a good place to unwind and relax. There are lots of pine trees. The owner said that the forest park is a Switzerland inspired. There were many activities in Dahilayan. They offers extreme rides so if you’re a thrill seeker then you can ride Dropzone(the giant swing), ATV and buggy, High Jump, Zorbit, Luge, and different types of Zipline. You will never run of out of things to do and never get bored here aside from extreme rides dahilayan offers different amenities, you can do picture taking with different animal statues and big indian statues at the forest animals and playgrounds, you can try swing, and then dine great and delicious foods at their cozy Forest Park Café they have Function Areas, Game Room, Grizzly Bar, Jacuzzi, Picnic Grounds, Ponds and Lagoon and Souvenir Shop



I never had a chance to try Zorbit. I arrived late that time then my friends already tried it. This is where you will have to go inside the ball and then rolls at the park around 25 meters which considered extreme also. You must not try this when you’re full or when you’re just finished your snack I’m telling you, you’ll going to experience vomiting inside the big ball.

ATV and Buggy Car

Photo Credits: KC and Alvin
 Photo Credits: KC and Alvin

One of the coolest rides I tried. I tried ATV car alone not the buggy (good for 2 persons). If you know how to drive motorcycle then you should know how to drive atv car. The accelerator is different which is located beside the steering wheel of the motor  with 4 wheels compared to a single motor cycle have. You are going to adjust at first the way you drive atv but as soon as you started to run the ATV is going to be fun and wanted to do some more. We travelled around dahilayan until we reached the highland then downhills. The road is very uneven, many humps and bumps and very steep which I considered challenging. We did selfies too when we reached beautiful sceneries at the top. You will able to see the whole dahilayan I swear.

Bumper Boat

Photo Credits: Alvin and KC

After ATV car experience, we tried bumper boat together with Alvin and KC. It’s a new ride that will cost you 250 pesos.I did not consider this as an extreme but I had fun. The bumper boat is similar with a bump car. The difference is we are riding a boat made from tire’s interior. You will surely bump because of that mini man-made lake. Driving bumper boat is very easy. You just need to hold the engine and navigate your preferred directions.

Dropzone – The Giant Swing

With my partner Paolo from Logicbase having a selfie first before we pulled up to the 120ft dropzone

This is the last part and the coolest ride in Dahilayan Adventure Park. I did not forget my experience in riding a giant swing called dropzone. It was my first time. I am a thrill-seeker but to be honest when I saw someone tried dropzone then my tension went up and my heart start beating so fast. I can’t imagine you will start from the top around 120 ft feels like suicide. I’m the one who pulled the rope as a trigger to drop and start swinging. I just don’t like the feeling when you drop that’s why I’m screaming and shouting bad words…That’s was challenging experience filled with adrenalin rush.

Kotang kota akong pamalikas ani nga time.. grbe lng jud khadlok ky murag ibugsok ka nila unya ang gravity grbe… #Dropzone

Posted by Victor Naive on Monday, October 19, 2015

How to get there?

1. You can ride zipzone shuttle bus that will cost 350 pesos per head.
Which is every saturday only. An hour and 30 minutes travel time and back and forth
Waiting time: 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM the bus will wait in dahilayan until 4pm only.
Pick up: Coffeeworks XU Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City.

Booking Office: 3rd Floor Ayala Centrio Mall and look for Ms. Elisa Faye Millama

2.You can go to Agora Bus Terminal/Market City. You can take either a van or jeepney to reach Brngy. Camp Philips, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. Once you arrived in Camp Philips, take a habal-habal (motorcycle) ride to Dahilayan Adventure Park. The fare is around 100-200 pesos. The road is not yet paved so expect for a shaky and dusty rides.


(Forest Park)


Adult: 100 pesos
Kids: 50 pesos


Adult: 50 pesos
Kidss: 20 pesos


Photo from:


I would love to bring my family here and stay for 1 night. Thanks Dahilayan for the great and unforgettable experience . Till next time !


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