My Year-end Adventure at Mapawa Nature Park

Travelling is part of my life now so every time I receive invitations from my friends or colleagues for adventure I always give a yes because I’m always on the go, so instead of wasting money for a night out with friends why not spending my time exploring around other places. I’m sure it would be beneficial for us to discover the other attractions specifically in my hometown – Cagayan de Oro.


Mountain Trekking


My year-end adventure ended up with mountain climbing and river trekking when my schoolmate invited me through Facebook as once in a lifetime adventure to close the year 2015. Actually, I’ve been aiming to visit the place since last year when I saw someone posted an album about mapawa featuring the magnificent waterfalls and the stunning rock formations of the river. I live in Cagayan de Oro but I didn’t realize that my hometown has a great tourist spots.

Our trail hiking started in Indahag as our jump-off point so we can get a chance to experience mountain climbing and that’s other alternative way to access the magnificent water falls in Mapawa. To get there, you need to ride multicab near Cogon Market that costs 11.00 pesos passing through Camaman-an to reach the area and tell the driver to drop you off at the basketball court. The travelling time is around 10-15 minutes. The road is very steep and not yet paved so expect for a bumpy and dusty rides.

It took us almost two hours to reach the awesome waterfalls in Mapawa. We don’t have guide since two of our friends already been there and they were skilled enough when it comes to trekking. We enjoyed a lot of this kind of adventure especially when having a conversation with the group while hiking and seeing those stunning rock formations in the river and taking some photos.

The river trekking was challenging but we managed to escape the slippery stones from the river creek and some of the difficult trails. The mountain climbing is challenging too because it’s very elevated and once you reached the top it feels like you’re running out of oxygen. The moment you reach the peak is like climbing the Mt. Everest’s summit but seeing the panoramic view and beautiful scenery is all worth it.


A nerve-racking experience – “Cliff Jumping”  a 35ft – deep lagoon in Mintugsok Falls

Aside from trekking the mountains and river, there are extreme activities that you may want to try once you get there like rappelling, water sliding and cliff jumping. So guys don’t miss this if you plan out for a day trip with friends or classmates, I’m sure you guys will enjoy.


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