Other great things to do in Bukidnon Province

Bukidnon Province is located at the Northern Mindanao region that offers scenic spots like rivers, mountains, caves, springs, waterfalls and lakes. This is a perfect place to relax, to enjoy and to spend quality time for family and loved ones. It is considered also as the country’s food basket, as the place is the primary source of foods like rice and corns then other plantations like bananas, pineapples and sugarcanes.

I’m always been a fan of Bukidnon province ever since because of the cold weather, abundance and great people. Some attractions are located in remote areas and might be a bit difficult to travel along with but that doesn’t stop me from exploring those places.

From Cagayan de Oro, it took me almost 3 hours to reach Valencia City – one of the cities in Bukidnon province. I stayed in my relatives’ residence at Brgy Dologon, Maramag for 2 days and it was pretty amazing and unforgettable one because I was able to try different activities like mountain climbing, lake hopping and river trekking.

Here are some of the great attractions in Bukidnon province that I’ve visited

Pulangi Lake

– A man-made lake or known to be as “Maramag Basin.” located in Brgy. Dologon, Maramag Bukidnon with approximate 30 mins travelling from Valencia Terminal. This is a site of the proposed Pulangi V Hydroelectric Dam Project.

– The place isn’t difficult for me to access because it was actually situated few meters away or behind the place where I stayed for two days. You can see the cemetery beside the lake as the landmark.

– The place has a good ambiance, very peaceful, fresh air is everywhere, a good place to relax and perfect place to do picnic. I can even see the simplicity and serenity of the place.

– I just spent my time here in just few minutes for sightseeing and picture taking.

Musuan Peak

– This is my next destination after Pulangi Lake sightseeing which is my second mountain climbing experience. One of the active volcanoes in the Philippines also known as “Mount Calayo” that has estimated 645 meters above sea-level high located in Musuan, Dologon, Maramag, Bukidnon that offers breath taking views once you reach summit.

– From the top, you’ll be able to see the other largest mountains like Mount Kitanglad, Mount Kalatungan and Mount Dulang-dulang and also the Pulangi River and lake. There are cottages or sheds where you can rest and stay for the mean time.

– The place is few meters away from the town proper and Central Mindanao University. It has been a favorite destination of students, teachers and tourist for studies and research, picnic sightseeing and other activities involving cardio.

– You may find also the Zoological and Botanical Garden of the Central Mindanao University at the foot of the mountain and also their agricultural facilities like ranch, poultry farm and dairy.

– Entrance fee of 20.00 pesos for hikers who would like to go up the mountain since the area is protected by the government and managed by CMU CEBREM (Center for Biodiversity Research and Extension in Mindanao).

Strong winds is everywhere..

one must log in before entering the musuan peak.. thanks to my nephew who’s been my travel buddy for the whole day of wandering Bukidnon.

Pine trees in the middle of the mountain

The beautiful rise and shine at the forest

Lake Apo

– One of the popular destinations in Bukidnon province, dubbed as the cleanest and greenest inland body of water in Mindanao which is situated in a hilly area of Guinoyoran, Valencia, Bukidnon.

– The Lake Apo offers different and affordable activities such as Kayaking, Floating Cottages ride, boating, fishing, Jetski, camping and horseback riding.

– The place is secluded, calm and peaceful. It is a perfect place family for bonding or friends that needs exclusivity.

– You may take a “habal-habal” ride for transportation. The road is not yet paved and dusty but the view is definitely stunning with the beautiful mountains, corn fields and more. From the city proper, it takes an hour to reach the Lake Apo but in our case it took us only 30 mins from Brgy. Dologon crossing. We luckily negotiated the motorcycle driver to pay 200 pesos only back and forth.

Since all the floating cottages are occupied, I decided to avail boat sailing and enjoyed it.

My signature jump shot..

Rates and Fees:

Floating Cottage: 230.00 pesos limited offer if weekends. Add 100 pesos if you need someone to pull the rope.

Fishing: 150.00 pesos good for 3 persons

Boat rental:  150.00 pesos

Kayaking: (negotiable)

Jetski: 4000 pesos per hour

Blue Water Cave

– A natural tourist attraction particularly located in San Jose, Quezon, Bukidnon. It is 30 mins away from the Brgy Dologon. You can ride multicab or “habal-habal” bound for Quezon.

– The trail to blue water cave was challenging with its steep path downwards and takes around 10-15 minutes of hiking to reach the riverbank of Pulangi river. Just be careful always when going down to the cave as much as possible ask for an expert guide to avoid unexpected accidents.

-The reason why they called it “Blue water” because of its natural bluish color, semi deep and cool under the cave. You will notice the big difference when the water flows from the cave mixed at Pulangi river. Aside from that, you will appreciate also their wonderful rock formations.

– The area offers different extreme activities like Rappelling, Rock Climbing and Bridge Jumping.

-The place don’t have entrance fee. If you need guide or tips for foods, extreme activities and transportation, you may coordinate with Kiokong Eco Tourism. The hiker 12 years old below is not allowed to visit the cave.

Pulangi river of Brgy. Quezon,Maramag, Bukidnon



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