Our Amazing Davao Adventure: D’leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park

D’leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park was our next stop after visiting Lon Wa Buddhist. Another famous and newest adventure parks in Davao Located at Purok 5, Barangay Communal Davao City covering 26-hectare inland resort and considered as the biggest inland resort in town. This is one of the reasons why I decided to visit Davao for the second time around and been wanting to come here since last year because of their amusement park, man-made surfing pool and their wave pool with raging river.

Traveling to D’leonor Inland resort was a bit far from the city. Honestly, we had a hard time locating the inland resort and getting the perfect transportation to ride. We took 3 rides until we reached the place. First, from Cabaguio we took a cab ride to Buhangin then another ride from Buhangin to the Communal area entry port and then rented a tricycle that would take us directly to the inland resort.

It was worth traveling to D’Leonor Inland Resort because the place is really spectacular as we roam the whole vicinity. The price is very reasonable. The place is very similar with Hongkong’s Disneyland that has a lot of exciting things to do. The great atmosphere of the place will surely captivate your heart. You will never run out of things to do in Dleonor because the resort offers different facilities and amenities. It’s a great place for family and friends bonding.


1. D’Overview Bridge
2. D’ Cable Ride
3. D’ 600 steps
4. D’ Surfing
5. D’ wave pool
6. D’ Zipline
7. D’ Wall Climbing
8. D’ Erik’s Segway Track
9. D’ CJays ATV Track
10. Basketball Court
11. D’Helmet Diving
12. D’ Tennis Court
13. D’ Golf
14. Tan aw Davbaw
15. D’ Rianne and Krystal’s Waterban
16. D’ CK & Sam’s Funland
17. D’ Overlooking Fishing Grill
18. D’ Garden Videoke Marquee
1. D’ Leonor Function Hall
2. D’ Leonor Convention Hall
3. D’ Leonor Seminar Hall
4. D’ Leonor Fastfood
5. D’ Boss café
6. D’ Hilltop View
7. D’ Skyview Dome
8. D’ Overlooking Green
9. D’ Smurfs Kiosk
10. D’ Sports patio
1. Bump Cars
2. Bump Boats
3. Carousel
4. Dancing Cup
5. Gas Kart
6. Giant Slide
7. Nessi Coaster
8. Viking
9. Wheel Balloon
10. Wonder Flight

Please check out some photos below:


The main entrance of Dleonor Inland Resort and Adventure. This is where you can pay your entrance fee that costs 50 pesos.

The gigantic statue of a Dinosaur. Looks real…

This one is also interesting . Their Hollywood style  of “I LOVE D’LEONOR” sign and the animal statues. Another main attraction in D’leonor which is few seconds walk from the entrance.

D’leonor Hotel Inland Resort – You can stay here if you want to spend more time in the inland resort. Unfortunately, I was not able to ask their accommodation rates but what I heard is very affordable.

My curiosity of their wavepool, raging river and their man-made surfing area brought me here. We just did sightseeing since we are on a tight budget and we still have another tourist destinations to visit right after this.

They got their amusement park also. You can ride their bump car, ferries wheel and many more. I’m sure you will never get bored.

D’leonor Seminar Hall



d’leonor hanging bridge



You will find their zoo but unfortunately it’s still under construction when we got there.


Dora the explorer at d’leonor. My ultimate idol and my inspiration. at last we met …hahaha

They also have kid’s town. The D’CK and Sam’s Funland, a big playground for kids with some cartoon character statues.

Their ATV Car Racing entrance. If you want to experience something extreme.


The “Tan-aw Dabaw” showing the replica of the tribes, ancient houses in Davao and their famous Durian fruit . The entrance is 20 pesos both adult and kids.


So that’s it for now. If you happen to visit Davao, don’t miss D’leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park. For reservations and inquiries you may contact the following information below:

 Phone Number: +82 2-8511-8891
 Email: dleonorinlandresortSMD11@yahoo.com
 Address: Purok 5 Barangay Communal, 8000 Cabantian, Davao City, Philippines




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