Our amazing Davao Adventure: Lon Wa Buddhist Temple

We had an amazing trip in Davao that we just spent only two days from the city where the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple is located and Samal Island. Travelling to Davao wasn’t easy for us because we are new to the place, we don’t know where to go first and some locations might take several kilometers to reach. I’ve been to Davao already but that was 4 years ago and still don’t remember where to start locating the different tourist destinations that we wish to visit.

It took us almost 8 hours travelling from Cagayan de Oro to Davao. We took our first ride by 12 am to make sure that we arrive earlier and can spend more time to visit any attractions nearby city. We arrived around 7:00 am in the morning. We took our breakfast first at the “Karenderya” a small local fast-food chain located few meters away from the Ecoland Bus Terminal. We are on a tight budget so we need to spend less especially for the food and transportation. As much as possible we will do hiking to short distance places.

We used google map app from my phone to locate the place easily. I had fun using the app that actually guides you and gives you the correct directions. It was my first time though.

So our first destination was the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple located in J.P Cabaguio avenue, Agdao District, Davao City. It’s a 15-minute ride from Ecoland Bus Terminal. You may ride a multicab that will pass to Cabaguio Avenue or take a “habal-habal” and negotiate the fare or you may take a taxi if you want to reach the the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple quickly.

Lon Wa Buddhist Temple


Known as the Longhua Temple which means “Temple of the Dragon” and one of the biggest temples in the Philippines and in the islands of Mindanao.

The foreign tourists having their picture taking after touring the temple

From the entrance you will see the big smiling Buddha facing the gate which is very welcoming. That time, there we’re many foreigners who are already in the temple including their Filipino tour guide so we got the chance to hitch with them and able to listen some interesting story about the temple.

The main hall of the temple

We went first at the main hall. The place is really sacred so you need to be barefooted once you enter the hall. There are many words of wisdom that are well-written both Chinese and English at the main hall’s wall.

Words of Wisdom posted along the wall

The Thousand-armed golden statue of Kuan Yina

The amazing wood carving in the temple showing the works of the Buddha

At the back of the main hall you will see a thousand-armed golden Statue Kuan Yina inside the prayer room. There, you can light the joss sticks and put it on the big urn, then do reflections, do a silent prayer or even make three wishes and ask anything that comes out to your mind.

The Lon Wa Buddhist Temple is open from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm and there is no entrance fee. It is open for all visitors including different religion who would like to see the entire temple. You will definitely enjoy the temple with its unique and beautiful structures, sculptures and Chinese statues like the replica of Buddha. The serenity and calmness of the temple is a perfect place for paying respect, retreat and worship.


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