The Lasang Secret Adventure Park

It took us almost an hour from Cagayan de Oro to reach the Province of initao where the hidden forest is located. It is a seascape protected area. This is a perfect for adventure destination and sightseeing.

I used to visit here for spending quality time with myself. I consider this as my stress reliever and provides me time to think deeply.
Especially when you are sitting on the cliff while watching on the waves and it feels like rebooting your brain and unwind.

My good friend and I decided to go here and I just found out that he’s a first timer to visit the adventure park.
I brought my camera and my tripod and made sure that we will take good photos for my blog. I requested my friend to take some photos because he is good when it comes to photography.

The lasang secret adventure park has many different types of caves. There is a coolest part of the cave that I really love to get in. There is a way to
the white sand beach. They will not allow you to swim especially when high tide and you need to get a permission from them. This is basically a perfect place for photoshoots
because of that big rocks, corals and sugary sand.

I was not able to enter the other caves because I was afraid to be bitten by snakes or bats or get stacked in the cave. You need to crawl just to get passed through the cave. But if we are in a group I would love to get inside there.
That is fun actually, entering a cave is not new to me.

It was just a simple trip and we had fun… The entrance is 15 pesos then if you have car or any service then additional 5 pesos which is very cheap and will close until 4:30 pm.
So everything is worth it. Come and visit Lasang Secret Adventure Park to witness the paradise.


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