The Ocean View Park and International Doll House in Bislig, Surigao del Sur


This is the second to the last part of our Surigao Del Sur escapade. After the majestic experience in Tinuy-an falls we headed back to Bislig City to visit the Ocean View Park and International Doll House. Located at Barangay Cumawas, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur, owned by a married couple Werner and Ruelaine Williman including the restaurant. This is another travel destinations in Surigao del Sur that you shouldn’t miss.

We went first at their Ocean View Park which is few steps away from the area since there was another batch of tourists group that are still occupying the Museum. Their Ocean View Park leaves you in awe. You’ll be amazed at their panoramic view and scenic spot of the bay including the city.

You will never run out of things to do in the Ocean View Park because they have:

          Mini playground

          “selfie” with the gigantic unicorn statue

          their mini zoo 

         dine at their cozy restaurant.

Upon entering the doll house you need to leave your footwear as the room needs to be clean and well-kept to minimize the dirt and dust from getting in.

You will notice first their awesome 3d wallpaper inside the doll museum. You can take pictures as if you’re sitting at their indoor garden.

The owner Mrs Ruelaine is very passionate when it comes of collecting dolls. She began collecting her dolls way back 1980 until her collections became bigger unexpectedly. She and her husband every time they travel around the world they usually buy dolls in every place they’ve been to or they visited. It’s not just an ordinary doll but a genuine or authentic doll made from porcelain. So they decided to open a doll house in 2008 and slowly became popular in domestic tourism. In museum, dolls are arranged according to the country they represent. Imagine, each doll has its own passports and insurance.”WOW” “COOL!” (Our common reactions). Some dolls have its hair attached came from celebrities and Hollywood stars like Michael Jackson and Manilyn Monroe. That’s Terrific!

The Korean Pair – According to the tour guide when it comes to korean wedding before, men and women should wear headdress that weighs 15 kilos (for women) and  30 kilos (for men). Maybe that’s the reason why they don’t have that bowing down in their ceremony.

The Kimmy Dolls from Japan

I can still remember the song “Don’t Cry Joni”. The failed romance of Joni and Jimmy. So cute!

Aside from dolls and barbies, they also have a bunch of vintage cars, motorcycles, tea cups and figurines when Mr.Werner started to build his own collections in 2008.

I admire how knowledgeable the tour guide is, every time he answers immediately our questions and discusses interesting stories behind each dolls and other collections. Which is very informative. Sometimes he crack some jokes. Many tourists including me are shocked when he mentioned about the price of each collection that costs hundred thousand to millions. Yes it is! I can even buy house and lot with the prices.

Honestly, I was expecting to meet the creepy dolls like “Annabelle”and “Chucky” just like what we’ve seen in the horror movies and we haven’t crossed our path but I was able to meet genuine and beautiful dolls collected from different continents of the world.

Sidetrip at the Ocean View Park and International Doll House is indeed memorable and worth it. I learned that no matter how pricey and expensive the things are as long you have this great desire on something and passion then it won’t stop you from collecting things that you love.

How to get there?

From Butuan City (travelling time:2 hours and 30 mins), Davao City (travelling time:4 hours) you may take a bus which is bound for Bislig.

Usually the bus stops at Mangagoy but you can ride a Jeepney going to Ocean View Park and International Doll House.

The Ocean View Park and International Doll House are situated on the hilltop. In order to reach it you need to climb around 283 steps.


Tuesday to Sunday at 10:00 o clock in the morning and will close by Monday

Entrance Fee: 20.00 pesos



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