The Top Three Places to Visit in Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental

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Sapang Dalaga is a small town, with 28 barangays located in the province of Misamis Occidental. The small town boasts of a rich in minerals like gold, copper and manganese and abundance in fish cages. They also have a different scenic spots such as mountains, rivers, alluring waterfalls and wonderful beaches that slowly emerging as one of the best travel destinations in the Philippines.

The Sapang Dalaga got its name from the Visayan term “Sapa ng dalaga” which means “maiden in the creek”. As they said long time ago before the Spanish colonization, many lovely maidens are taking a bath and washing their clothes in the creek.

For Adventure-seeker, traveller and nature-lover, if you happen to visit Misamis Occidental make sure you don’t miss the three must–visit places in Sapang Dalaga.

Caluya Shrine

The developing giant statue of Jesus Christ is situated on the hilltop and located in Barangay Caluya, Sapang Dalaga Misamis Occidental. The stunning statue is similar with Rio’s Christ the Redeemer at Brazil slowly making its name in the Philippine Tourism because of its breath-taking views facing the islands from the Municipality of Baliangao like Naputhaw Island, Naburos Island including the two bays like Casul Bay and Murcielagos Bay.

For the tourist who would like to reach the top of the hill you need to climb 197 steps of the stairs with no entrance fee. It may be tiring but once you reached it, I’m sure you would definitely amaze the bird’s eye view and panoramic views by the bay seeing other beautiful islands and islets of Misamis Occidental.

Caluya Floating Cottage

Another tourist destination of Barangay Caluya which is secluded and serene that will surely leave you in awe. A few meters away from Caluya Bay having five fantastic at-sea floating cottages. The other one is huge that can manage to occupy 4 groups or families.

The floating cottages are developed by the LGU – a government from Municipality of Sapang Dalaga and managed by Brgy Captain Gerryl O. Demoser who is also the owner of all the pump boats that would take you to their cozy floating cottages. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes ride.

There, you can do anything you want like swimming, roam around the shore, fishing, snorkelling even overnight stay.

They have strong mobile signal and you can easily keep in touch with your loved ones while relaxing at their cozy floating cottages.

This is a perfect place for spending summer vacation for families and friends who wants to enjoy and feel exclusivity.

Sapang Dalaga Falls

The hidden gem of Sapang Dalaga, formerly called as the “Baga Falls,” particulary located at Sitio Celso Velez, Barangay Poblacion, Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental. The name “baga” is came from a native visayan term meaning “waterfalls”. The waterfall is two kilometres away from the municipality proper.

The area has been developed already as they transformed it into a small park. You can enjoy swimming at their big man-made basin, picture taking at their gigantic statue of maiden, their mini footbridge and small grotto of Virgin Mary which is situated on the hilltop beside the falls. They also provided cottages, picnic tables, and function hall at the very affordable price.


These must-visit places are very accessible since they are situated few kilometres away from the town.
You can rent a motor cycle or “Habal-habal” to stroll you around in Sapang Dalaga’s tourist attractions. You can negotiate with them about the fare usually around 320.00 pesos round trip, starts from Caluya Shrine then in Caluya Floating Cottages. You may add another around 100 back and forth to take you in Brgy Poblacion where Sapang Dalaga Falls is situated. The driver will serve also a tour guide.

If from Cagayan de Oro To Sapang Dalaga – You may take a bus ride bound for Dipolog at the Bulua bus terminal usually starts from 12am as the first trip. The estimated fare would be around 400 pesos and travelling time is roughly 6-7 hours.
Prepare 25.00 pesos for barge fare from Mukas to Ozamiz.


Caluya Floating Cottage

Foods and Beverage
They usually serve seafood. They don’t have market but they can still able to catch fishes at their fish cages. You can choose any seafood you want at the very reasonable price and ask them to cook it for you. Make sure you instruct them how you would like your food to be served.
The cost will vary on how much food you ordered, cooking charge will cost 150 pesos, other ingredients then rice. The food will be delivered in cottage for free.

Floating Cottage Rates
Floating Cottage – 250.00 pesos
Pumpboat – 20.00 pesos

Contact Person:
Hon. Gerryl O. Demoser
Barangay Captain

Sapang Dalaga Falls

Entrance Fee:
Adult: 20.00 Pesos
Children: 10.00 Pesos

Tables (outdoor): 50.00 Pesos
Cottages:  200.00 Pesos
Function Hall: 1000.00 Pesos

Sapang Dalaga Falls



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  2. Wow been looking for a blog like this. Really would want to visit Caluya Shrine this Sat. Thanks to the Blogger 🙂

  3. Although I attended Xavier High School just about two kms from SD. I have not seen these places. These were still unheard of in the 50s. I have had some schoolmates from here, the Laranjos and Montealtos. Hope to visit these places on my next vacation.

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