Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Kampo Juan in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon


Another extreme eco-adventure destination in Mindanao area particularly located in Brgy Dicklum, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon that offers different extreme activities.

Kampo Juan opened in the public last April 15, 2011 and named after the owner of the place – Dr. Juan Acosta. The agriculturist-farmer and scientist, who is expert in horticulture and plant breeding, contributed a lot in the field of Philippine agriculture. The place offers not just for adventure/thrilling seekers but it was built to appreciate its natural beauty that is well-preserved by the owner of the camp.

Things to do in Kampo Juan:

Anicycling – The first and popular attraction in the Philippines, a sky biking version of Kampo Juan with a bicycle hanging in a 100 feet high from the cable and around 600 feet wide to travel across the ravine.

honestly, riding their anicycle was horrible but I can still manage to smile. hahaha

To operate the bicycle, you need to strike the pedal to move forward and never move it backward just continue to move pedal until you reach the end point. Don’t bother if you think that you will drop on the ravine as the bicycles are already programmed in the cable to maintain its balance.


They provided also a harness as part of their safety gears. This is good for 1 to 3 persons and open for beginners as well.

Zipline – One of the longest zipline rides in asia, considering that they have these two zips having 180 feet in height and 520 feet for the length.

You will surely enjoy the breath-taking views upon riding their ziplines. They got this training type of a zipline and perfect for the whole family.


Hanging Bridge – The spectacular 110 meters walkway. With a few minutes of walking to cross the bridge, you would definitely enjoy the beautiful and natural sceneries.

Rappelling – another additions in kampo juan with 55 meters high and 90 degrees of the angle that offers thrill adventure for climbers wannabe. It doesn’t require experience because you will be accompanied by their professional and well-trained guides to make sure that you feel more secure and comfortable.



Don’t visit Kampo Juan:

1. If you have a fear of heights and hate stomach dropping feeling: taking those rides might make you feel a bit fainted especially when the hanging bridge starts to swing and when you start riding the anicycle makes you overthink on any certain possibilities to fall.

2. If you hate trekking the whole camp: The whole vicinity doesn’t oblige you to walk around the place. It only requires you to walk to reach the other rides like zipline and hanging bridge especially when you avail all-rides package that costs 600.00 pesos. But if you do trekking, you would definitely appreciate the area that offers a feast of well-preserved nature. Walking around the area is fat burning exercise as well.

3. If you expect too much from the place: Kampo Juan doesn’t have complete amenities. They only have two small swimming pools, cool and relaxing rooms for accommodations. They don’t have café or restaurants but they can still serve foods through booking basis. You should book your foods 3 days before the tour.

If you’re one of the bravest adrenaline junkies like me who craves for different thrilling and unique adventure experiences, I’m sure you would love and enjoy visiting Kampo Juan.

Rates and Charges:

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How to get there?

From Cagayan de Oro – Takes only almost an hour ride. You will notice if you are already in the place once you see the signage of Kampo Juan and it takes 4.8 kilometers to reach the camp.
You may take a jeepney or bus ride that will take you to Manolo Fortich that costs 25.00 pesos.

Contact Details:

Office Address:
Kampojuan Reservation Office
JCA Building Sayre Highway Poblacion
Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

For reservation, you may contact Mercy – 0926-621-2192



  1. Actually, the jeepney ride from CDO to Dicklum is 35 pesos, the regular bus is 45(40 if you’re a student) and the air-con’d is 50. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the insight. Plano ko pa naman sana mag visit sa Kampo Juan. Pero when I first saw the summary nung blog, I decided to go with Dahilayan nalang.

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