Top Places And Things To do in Iligan City

Iligan City is a small city in Mindanao, popular with its huge lists of waterfalls and spring located within the area. It is known as the “City of Majestic Waterfalls, having 24 waterfalls that can be accessed in less than an hour travel from the city proper by hiking and trekking.

Chasing waterfalls is the common activity in Iligan especially to those who love nature tripping and experience great adventure. But there are other things to do that satisfy your adventure if you happen to visit Iligan especially if you have quick day tour or unplanned trip with your friends and family.

Maria Cristina Falls

– Their Iconic Maria Cristina Falls is considered as the landmark in Iligan and the source of hydroelectric plant project that serves as the primary source of electricity in the city and the other parts of Mindanao.

NPC Nature Park

– It’s a great destination for family bonding and a walking distance from Maria Cristina Falls. Visitors will enjoy picture taking at their mini zoo, botanical gardens, Butterfly sanctuaries, Japanese Koi’s pond and playground for kids.

Aside from that, there are other activities that fits for adrenaline junkies like zipline, hanging bridge and water rafting

– Entrance fee for NPC Nature Park is quite cheap. They also have free shuttle that would take you to the different attractions in the park. Picnic tables are available to enjoy great foods while appreciating the great views.

Tinago Falls

– Falls hunting is popular in Iligan especially when you visit Tinago Falls one of the main and beautiful tourist attractions located between Iligan City and the municipality of Linamon. They called it “Tinago” because it is hidden and can be seen only by trekking and its around 500 steps going down to the breathtaking falls.

– Picnic tables and comfort rooms are available for tourists and a bamboo raft to those who want to experience up close at the cascading water of the falls.

Mimbalot Falls

– Is among the 24 wonderful waterfalls in Iligan particularly located at Brgy. Buru-an. It is part of the Eco Park that offers different thrilling activities like riding a cable car, walking across the hanging bridge and zip line which is the best way to see up close the waterfalls.

– The Mimbalut Falls is already developed as they provided picnic tables and cottages for visitors at the minimum fee around 100-200 is the price range. They also added mini pools for kids and medium pool for adult.
– The entrance fee is 50 pesos.

Lawis Spring

– A natural spring and not yet developed tourist attraction which is located at Brgy. Buru-an is the Lawis Spring. One of the favorite destinations in Iligan especially during hot summer days.
– The place has no entrance fee and all you need to do is to bring yourself and dip into the icy-cool and refreshing water.

Mimar’s Spring Resort

– One of the most visited spring resort in Brgy. Buru-an which is 1 km away from Maria Christina Falls is Mimar’s Springway Resort. Unlike other resorts, Mimar has unlimited natural flowing that has cool and refreshing water.

The natural pool  – the unfiltered water came from the mountain is also available in the resort.

Mimars has one big pool that is sometimes used for swimming competition.

The entrance fee in Mimar’s Springway Resort is 50.00 pesos both adult and kids. The cottages can be rented around 75.00 to 150.00 pesos. They also have “Sari-sari” store inside the resort that you can buy foods and drinks. The resort can be seen at the National highway which is very accessible with spacious parking lot.

Riding Kalesa or Tartanilya

-Aside from Vigan in Ilocos, Iligan city is among the other cities in the Philippines that are still operating Tartanilya or kalesa as their common service and becoming one of tourist attraction in the city because of its rarity.
Tartanilya or Horse drawn Carriage was introduced in 18th century during Spanish colony and used as their primary transportation.
– Riding Kalesa experience is nothing but excitement and something like you are bringing back the history and connecting with ancestral heritage.

Paseo de Santiago

– The newest attraction in Iligan City which is a  perfect destination to chill, unwind  and get together with family and friends. It is located at Brgy. Santiago, Iligan City near talipapa market a few meters away from the highway. Restaurant and live band is available in Paseo de Santiago.

Visitors may enjoy picture taking at their gigantic letters of “I lOVE PHILIPPINES” and ILIGAN CITY.

Witnessing the sunset and appreciating the spectacular views from the bay..



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  1. I am a solobackpacker from Manila and I just arrived after exploring Misamis Oriental. I had best experiences at Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro but not in Iligan. Iligan sure has a number of natural resources to boot but seafoods and products are overpriced and people I met made me wonder if I am still in the Manila, “that was”. The Habal driver I talked with was charging me P1,000 for a 5 hour tour compared to Camiguin’s P800 whole day, multiple destination tour. The tour guide assigned to me at Tinago Falls was charging me P300.00 for having taken pictures of me for a 30 minute tour. The boat riders were also asking for money and before I was hurriedly leaving the site, the personnel assigned to manage the Habal Drivers at Tinago Falls was charging me for sourcing my driver at the terminal. Could the local government look at this please? If you are serious about tourists coming in the city, then the people should be educated to look at opportunities in the long than the short term. Tourists avoid places where they feel they are being held up.

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