Sapang Dalaga is a small town, with 28 barangays located in the province of Misamis Occidental. The small town boasts of a rich in minerals like gold, copper and manganese and abundance in fish cages. They also have a different scenic spots such as mountains, rivers, alluring waterfalls and wonderful beaches that slowly emerging as one of the best travel destinations in the Philippines. The Sapang Dalaga got its name from the Visayan term “Sapa ng dalaga” which means “maiden in the creek”. As they said…Continue Reading “The Top Three Places to Visit in Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental”

My curiosity in Oklahoma Island brought me to the province of Misamis Occidental. Actually, my father has been telling me the great places in Misamis Occidental since last year, especially the Oklahoma Island but was not able to travel due to my hectic schedules. So when I finally got my free time I asked my father if we could go together this weekend and plan out for the things to do in Oklahoma Island. He immediately contacted his friends at Baliangao to make sure that…Continue Reading “The Oklahoma Island Rafi’s Resort of Misamis Occidental”