Birhen sa Moog Chapel in Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental

Birhen sa Moog is the 3rd oldest church in Misamis Oriental particularly located in Brgy. Moog Laguindingan. It is one of the less known places in the province and slowly becoming one of the top destinations in town.

Birhen sa Moog

According to one of the Catholic devotees, long time ago there was a thirsty sick old woman asked water from the fisherman. The man immediately went home and got some water and when he came back, he saw the woman seated on the big rock carrying a baby and then suddenly disappeared.

One must throw a coin in the miraculous water came from the grotto before praying.

Since then, people called it “Birhen Sa Moog” and built a chapel as they believed that it was Virgin Mary sat on the big rock and according to them that the small spring below the big rock is said to be miraculous that can heal different diseases and illnesses.

Recently, the church celebrated its 416 years from the time they built the chapel in Brgy. Moog. The place is already developed and turned it into a public resort. They provided cottages for the tourists. Cottages can be rented 100.00 pesos only with no entrance fee. You can bring your own foods as well.


Getting to the shrine is accessible since it is near the Laguindingan International Airport. Other option is in the Brgy. Lanao, Alubijid which is few kilometers away from the highway.


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