Sinulom Falls: The Enchanting Spring Waterfall in Cagayan de Oro

It is really more fun in the Philippines. The country gives you a thousands of great destinations including the less known places that would surely captivates your heart and gives you more extraordinary experiences.

Cagayan de Oro is popular to its white water rafting and kayaking adventure but there are other places to visit in the city that will satisfy your travel bucket list. The newly discovered place and considered the hidden gem in the city is the enchanting Sinulom Falls of Brgy. Tignapoloan.

Sinulom Falls

The waterfall got its name from a visayan term called “Sulom” meaning black ant. It was discovered by the residents in year 2002 and became the newest addition in Cagayan de Oro’s tourist spot.

The waterfall is very unique and majestic, consisting around 28 waterfalls within the area. The water is really cold and refreshing, comes from the spring surrounded by mosses and trees.

The cascading water from the falls directly passes through the Cagayan de Oro River. It is safe for drinking which is away better than mineral water.

The background of the place will definitely catch your attention. It has a good angles for picture taking.

To give you idea how magnificent the Sinulom Falls is, check out the photos below:





It is just an hour away from the city proper. It is particularly located at Tambo, Tignapoloan, Cagayan de Oro. Look for a jeepney bound for Talakag and ask the driver to drop you off at the Brgy. Dansolihon’s crossing to Tignapoloan. The landmark is in front of the Brgy.Hall of Dansolihon.

You will notice some “habal-habal” drivers at the waiting shed from the crossing. They knew where exactly the jump off point is located which they will take you to the guard house. Normally, they can be negotiated around 200 pesos to get you in the area and, it takes 15-20 minutes travelling. The road is not yet paved and some roads are under constructions so expect for a dusty and bumpy rides.


This adventure involves trekking before reaching the falls. A good exercise ground but not recommended to those who have heart problems. The road is very steep and it’s quite challenging to maneuver back so 4×2 cars are not advisable if you don’t want to get stacked in the place. But Im sure the place is worth travelling, because it offers a spectacular view deck, appreciating the Mother Nature and it feels like instant mountaineers.

Currently, the place is under construction. They will be adding cottages and picnic tables for the tourists. Im sure in the next few months this place become the best destination to visit in Cagayan de Oro.



    1. Mark,

      Thanks for dropping by.
      Currently, yung lugar is underconstruction pa.. pwede naman kau maligo tapos walang entrance fee.
      Kasi yung lugar bago lng ndiscover.
      Siguro estimated na gastos is around 300-400/person… kasama na jan ung transporatation (Habal-habal), Pagkain,.. tapos tip lng sa bata, byad sa balsa pra mkatawid sa falls.
      Meron Kami nkilala dun na bata.. pangalan niya buging, siya yung mgsisilbing tour guide niyo..
      Ang ganda ng lugar.. iba xa sa lahat ng falls na n.experience ko.. pwede mong mainom ang tubig galing kasi s spring…
      If may sasakyan kau. advantage yun… wla kau maxado gastos, dala lng kau baon…

  1. Hi Edison,

    Musakay kag r2 jeep bound for talakag naa sa carmen market… igna dyn ang konduktor nga hunong ka sa dansolihon crossing sa tignapoloan… naa may mga habal2 dadto sa waiting shed kblo nana sila asa ang jump off point..



    1. Hi,

      I think musakay ka ug rela pdulong divisoria sakay dyn ka patag nga jeep ky muagi mana sa carmen public market…
      Diha man gud mang-ali ang mga jeep bound for talakag . Atbang nah siya terminal sa lumbia. Igna ang konduktor nga dansolihon ka naug crossing sa tignapoloan. Naa may mga habal-habal driver dha nga muhatod didto jud mismo sa jump-off. Pabayad na cla around 200 mga 15-20mins cgro ang travel.. ihatud ka nila didto sa guardhouse ky mao man mn to ang jump off dha ka mgsugod ug trekking pdulong sa falls. Enjoy pod bya.,, nice kau ang view..

      1. Hi! I guess pwedi niyo po sabihan yung mga nag visit sa site ninyo na There is a jeepney in Carmen Market bound to Tignapoloan directly po, para less expenses coz its only 50 pesos from cdo city to Tignapoloan riding a TIGNAPOLOAN liner.

        I knew it coz I’m from barangay Tignapoloan, lumad po ako dun hehee

  2. Salamat kaayo sa imong blog Victor Naive Kay na promote amo falls sa Barangay Tignapoloan. On Behalf of Barangay Tignapoloan. Daghan kaayong Salamat. – Jay Roa Pascual ( Brgy. Chairman , Tignapoloan)

    1. Walang Sapayan Kap… The best kaau inung lugar and good thing is gnadevelop na ninu…
      Daghan pod bya na curious og gusto muadto sa lugar … mubalik me dha soon…

  3. Hello, ask lng if this falls in Tignapoloan is safe? safe pud sa mga turista?…layo ba ni sa mga NPA?..I’m planning to go home this year ug Mao ni ako ipanghinambog, ky proud to be Cagayanons!!..

    1. Hi Jogie,

      Theres nothing to worry about it .Safe jud kaau ang lugar para sa mga turista. ky sa among pag-anha dadto maskin kmi kami lang wala man pod me naunsa…and goog thind is gna sugdan na pod ang pagdevelop sa site… hopefully makalaag mo dadto.. di jud ka magmahay sa ktsada og pgkanatural sa falls… lahi jud xa sa ubang falls…

      – Victor Naive

  4. Thank you for sharing this spot, I’m from Cagayan de Oro and I did not know that we have a water falls like this in our city..Will visit this one and thank you again.. 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Me too i didnt realize about Sinulom Falls. Its a good place for spending time with friends… Im telling you, the place leaves you in awe…very adventurous.. Guys lets promote this place.. Keep on sharing.. 🙂

  5. Hi,
    Would love to visit the place.
    This would be good for my photography as well!
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Hopefully this wonderful piece of our landscape will not be destroyed by overdevelopment. Grabe ra ba ta ka mahilig ug mang cemento ug lugar. Ma retain unta nila ang natural and pristine condition sa area. Will visit this place when time permits.

  7. just a small correction the falls are located in talakag which is part of Bukidnon, not Cagayan de Oro, that been said thank you for the helpful information.

    1. geographically, sinulom is located in San Isidro, Talakag. dha lng agion pagadto sa impakibel, Tignapoloan. kana suba ang boundary bet. CDO n bukidnon, tnx 4 d promotion

        1. yes..tama jud..part jud xa sa talakag..san isidro, specifically..boundary ang suba..and since tabok man xa sa suba, talakag na xa na part
          by the way..kagay-anon here

  8. good evening sir. mga pila ka hours ang trek padulong dha nga place?
    do we really need to ride a habal-habal or pwede ra mag trek from the crossing/terminal sa habal? if pwede ra sir mga pila ka minutes/hours ang baklayon?

    1. Sir,
      Pwede raman ka magtrek2 kung gusto nmu pero samot ka kahago ky pag abot nmu sa jump off point… mag baklay nasad ka paubos sa falls unya mga almost 1km man ata to ky murag layo2 to xa .. Mas the best kung sau ka ky pra dli ky init… d nmn sad kailangan ug guide ky g-butangan nmn jud nila og agianan.. pero dli pa sementado… pero okay xa ky adventure jud kau ba..
      Suggest lng nko tong habal2 ky mao man tong muhatod sa inu unya mga 15-20mins travel pdulong sa jump off. Mas okay kung na jud ky sakyanan , safe man pod ky mga okay ang mga tao dadto…

    1. Yes pwede ra man pdulong sa jump off…pero from jump off to sinulom murag dli psudlan sakyanan..ibilin mn ninu sakyanan dpit sa guardhouse

  9. Wow, I think the place is spectacular. I am from Cagayan de Oro but I just only heard the place now. Is it safe for adventurers to go there? I mean peace & order and the visitors safety.

  10. Sir. Naive thank you for promoting the place.
    Tignapoloan is my hometown tho!.
    but i’ll never been there hahahaha….

  11. Good day! Sir mangutana lng unta ko kung naa nmo latest update ani nga lugar ug latest pics…plano mi mag laag puhon sa oct. …….salamat

    1. Hi Juvy,

      Kani siya nga pics ky last april pa this year… Mao rman cgro gyapon ang falls,, cgro ang agianan or mga cottages,,okay n cgro dadto..


  12. If mg motor single, unsa ka layu from crossing Dansolihon og Tignapoloan ug pwd ba maka sulog ang motor? If so, how far ang parking area from the falls? Thank you.

    1. Honestly wla jud nko xa na estimate kung pila jud ilang distance from dansolihon to jump off point para sinulom…ky ngsakay rman jud mi ug service namu… pero naa mn mga habal2 drivers gahulat dha sa dansolihon crossing to tignapoloan.. pwede rka mka ask dha.. i guide rman ka nila. From jump off point,, mailhan nmu ni ky guard house pwede rka mkapark.. I think almost 2 kilometers lng to reach the falls.. pwede rman mkasulod ang motor.. pero pra safety lng ky rough road rba didto mgbaklay nlng.. 30 mins rman pod inu baklayon paubos.. and lisod ani pasaka… ky grbe ka patungas…

  13. Hi, thanks sa instuction..pwede ba 2years old bata amung ubanan dire?grabe sya katungas? 30mins.ang baklayunun padung dd2?

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