My Unforgettable Travel Experience Around Manila

I went alone in Manila for the second time around as I wanted to roam the city especially at their big malls, different attractions and many more. I have my high school classmates currently working in Manila so I asked them to fetch me in the airport once I arrived so we can go together to stroll the other parts of the city.

First Day …

Ultimate Adventure at Manila Ocean Park


We went first to the Manila Ocean Park located behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila with my good friends Andres and Aries. I was able to visit their big underwater tunnel aquarium with lots of different marine species, the penguins, sharks, rays, sea lions show, jellies and many more.
I got a promo from metrodeal site with 8-in-1 attractions at the very affordable price from 2600 to 899 pesos only.

The following inclusions are:

Trails to Antartica
Jellies Exhibit
Birds of Prey Kingdom
Fish Spa
Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter
Amazing Story of Yexel’s Museum
Liquid Lunch Buffet

The Historic Luneta Park

The photobomber ( the big building behind the Rizal Monuments) in the park.

After the amazing ocean park, we went to Luneta Park known as “Rizal Park”. This is few meters away from Manila Ocean Park.
The place is not crowded that time, only few tourists took some photographs of their own and unexpectedly we saw Enrique Gil and the rest of the staffs having their movie shoot.

Ride MRT

This is perfect for a passenger who hates traffic and don’t have any choice.
I can still remember my worst experience in riding MRT. It was my first time and it feels like stampede. “Ganito pala sa MRT, oh anu sasakay ka pa ulit?” I can’t imagine that many of the passengers would prefer to ride MRT than riding on the convenient one but will surely endure worst road traffic. You need to be attentive at all times especially when the train is about to approach. Do the ninja moves as much as you can or else you’ll be left.

Watch Games or Concert at Araneta Coliseum

huge crowds in Sarag G From the top concert

This is actually my main itinerary in Manila trip to watch the concert of Ms. Sarah Geronimo entitled “Sarah G From Top.” Sarah Geronimo is my idol since she won the singing contest way back 2003 and it’s a dream come true for me to watch her live singing and of course to visit the Big dome.

I just wanted to see how the concert is being done from the start. That night was a blast, seeing matured Sarah, her awesome and daring performances. It was a sold out concert and the audience are full packed kudos to Ms. Sarah Geronimo who made her concert very unforgettable one. That was Superb!
Second Day…

Ice Skating at Mall of Asia

One of craziest things I’ve ever tried. I am thrill and challenge seeker but this one is different and it involves more on balancing. That was painful on my middle toea while skating on the Ice.

I was accompanied by Ice Skating Coach. He gave me some instructions and different techniques like the proper positioning and other things to consider before skating to the iced floor.

me having a hard time to balance…

Live Volleyball Action in Cuneta Astrodome

This one is very unforgettable. I’ve been watching superliga since 2013 and also a fan of a premier volleyball in UAAP. First time seeing the whole team at the big venue both local and foreign players and happens to be my idols like Aby Marano, Dindin Manabat, Rachel Ann Daquis, Erika Adachi, Rupia Inck, Jaja Santiago, Kate Messing, Lindsay Stalzer Williams and the rest of the Foton Tornadoes and Petron Blaze Spikers.

Well, both teams are my bet but my support was in Foton tornadoes since Petron Blaze spikers already won three-peat championship and I’m happy that Team foton successfully grabbed the Gold.

Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights & Sounds Show

Its my first time to encounter this kind of a 30 mins show in Makati. The spectacular display of Christmas dancing lights and sounds. The music is traditional Filipino songs. They also installed magnificent lights in Makati streets replicating the old church.

Greenbelt and Glorietta At Makati

One of the classy and coolest ayala malls in Makati, Manila I have visited, with lots of restaurant, shops and live bands. You can spend there in a day if you want to roam the whole greenbelt from 1 to 5. The mall has everything you can think of and it’s a good place to hang out with family. I remember I saw one local celebrity Karla Hampries dined in a cozy restaurant with her elite friends. The glorietta mall is a bridge away from Greenbelt.

SM Mall of Asia Boulevard

A place where a lot to see and do. One day is not enough to spend here.


If you happen to visit SM Mall of Asia, don’t forget to visit their attractions inside the mall especially “Exploreum “, the science center for Kids and Adults. Here, you will enjoy science with their hi-tech and newest facilities to help explain the real deal of science around us.


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