We Paddled and We Survived – Great Water Rafting 2015

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It was an unexpected outing with my previous co-employees at Mambuaya and experienced Water Rafting.
This was actually my plan ever since to try rafting 2 years ago but unfortunately I don’t have any company to go with me. So no luck.
Last August 18, 2015, I bought my brand new DSLR camera and is just so happen that a good friend mine Kc invited me to join water rafting. I feel so excited and happy because at last I would be able to try water rafting and of course take some good shots.

During that day I watched some videos from YouTube about rafting in Cagayan de Oro to get some ideas like if this actually safe and if it’s like we’re just going to sail on the river or not. But after watching the videos I got this feeling of backing out, the nerve and of course that feeling of prone to accident. I just heard before that someone sent to hospital because of major injuries and even died on rafting. Imagine, the horrible rapids and big rocks. But due to my curiosity I was able to encourage myself to try. As they said, there is no harm in trying, if you think you’ll die maybe it’s your time. Am I right? I really wanted an extreme adventure.

It was fine Saturday in the morning that was August 22, 2015. Thank God the weather is good.
We have travelled for almost an hour from Great White Tours Agency where we booked the rafting package up to Mambuaya.

I love the beauty of nature when we get there. It was solemn. First thing we did was the guide assembled us for the briefing and learned some tips on how to use the paddle and raft correctly. I remembered, it was forward, backward and then if they will say “High Five” and you should reply “Ahoo!”. Also, they briefed us on how to face those big rapids and we should work as a team, don’t panic when you fall to the raft.

We are the first batch and three groups that day. I was on the first row in right side and it’s like I’m the captain of the raft and anytime will spill. I was afraid though it’s horrible but I was able to conquer my fears.I admired the two guides with us aside for being such a good entertainer they assured our safety first. They are expert already when it comes to the river. We met “Dodong” the comedian. He cracked some jokes and you will not feel any fears but excitement. In our group we always laugh and enjoy every single rapid we face compared to the other groups. That was the most challenging experience I ever had.

We experienced 14 rapids with humps and bumps aside from that we also got the chance to see some endangered species like iguana, then nice big rocks and corals. I really had fun. It was simply amazing. Too many priceless reactions and thrills and thank God we survived and there was no any injuries. We have rafted almost 3 hours. We had our snacks and lunch which is part of the package from Great White Rafting Tours so worth it. How I wish I could back there with my team and bosses.

You can watch some of my videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfSZ8iaPSxDIFpcZZtq4XUQ

Thanks to the photographer who took good shots from some great actions.
Anyway, this is my first article I created. To be honest, I’m not that good in writing but I just wanted to share what I experienced from water rafting. If you guys have comments on my grammar or anything just let me know, I’m open for any corrections. Thank you very much!


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